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Manicures and Pedicures by Nail Perfection by Natalie

The Natural Nail, with Jessica Nails

LeRemedi Hand Treatment
A complete facial for the hands, incorporating HandCleanse, HandSilk exfoliate, HandRestructure masque and HandRenew liposomes. £14.00, approx 20 mins

Jessica Mini Manicure
Cuticles are cared for, hand massage and finished with the perfect polish. £14.00, approx 30 mins

Jessica Prescriptive Manicure
A treatment which analyses and treats each nail according to its specific nail type. Hands are exfoliated, cuticles cared for with oils and creams, nails shaped and treatment basecoat and colour applied for the perfect finish. £21.00, approx 45 mins

Luxury Manicure
Luxury manicure with warm paraffin wax, hand and arm massage. £23.00

Gelish 3 Week Manicure
For natural nails, applies like polish sets like gel, no drying time, chipping or smudging. Ideal for toes.
Gelish 3 Week Manicure £20 (removal £5) Add Gelish to any procedure for £10

Prescriptive Manicure Deluxe with Thermal Mittens
Jessica Prescriptiva Manicure as above, but also including the LeRemedi Hand Treatment Programme. A complete facial for hands, with HandSilk exfoliate, HandRestructure masque and HandRenew liposomes. Thermal mittens for deeper penetration of oils and creams, softening cuticles, improving circulation and soothing stiff joints. £30.00, approx 1hr 10 mins

Executive Hand & Nail Treatment for Men
LeRemedi Hand Treatment Programme to condition and smoothe hands. Nails perfectly shaped, cuticles conditioned and gently pushed back. £15.00, approx 30-40 mins

Free Midi Polish with every deluxe treatment

Jessica & Nail Systems International

Jessica Pedicure

Callus Peel
Calluses removed just like orange peel - softens hard calluses quickly, leaves skin soft and clean. You can see the difference immediately! Callus Peel Foot Care System is a 30 minute treatment in four steps, including a skin softening patch which is wrapped around the area to be treated to soften the skin, a special scraper is then used to 'peel' off the dry skin/calluses, followed by the third step which is to buff away the remaining calluses with the foot file. The treatment is then completed by applying moisturizing cream. This treatment can be done every two weeks for severe calluses or once a month for maintainence of heels. £18.00, or add to any pedicure for only £10.00. Double patch £20.

ZenSpa Pedicure Holistic foot and nail treatment to treat every nail type. Feet are exfoliated, a foot masque applied and a massage leaves the feet smooth and soft. Nails are cut and shaped, cuticles treated and prescriptive basecoats used for different nail types, always finishing with the perfect polish. £24.50, approx 1 hour

Luxury Pedicure With warm paraffin wax, foot and leg massage. Warm parrafin wax is an ideal luxury treatment for both hands and feet. Containing lavender and ylang ylang, the warm paraffin therapeutic treatment is excellent in its ability to rejuvenate, hydrate, nourish and increase circulation to the sking. £29.00, approx 1hr 10 mins

ZenSpa Deluxe Pedicure with Thermal Booties As the above ZenSpa pedicure, plus heated booties to sooth and relax. A complete foot and leg treatment

Executive Footcare for Men Toenails perfectly shaped, cuticles conditioned and gently pushed back, and a foot massage. A luxurious foot treatment preventing the build up of hard skin and calluses. £24.50, approx 1 hour

File and Toe Polish £7.50

£3 to be added to treatments for a french polish finish. Prices correct as of May 2013, prices may be subject to change.