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Extensions Price List

+ New Set Natural £30
+ New Set with French Overlay/Coloured Gel £35
+ Natural Nail Overlay £20
+ French Overlay on Natural Nail £25
+ Gelish 3 Week Manicure £20
+ Gelish 3 Week Manicure removal £5
+ Infill + £1.50 per broken nail £17.50
+ Backfill £19.00
+ Design Infill £24.50
+ Coloured Gel Infill £20.00
+ Infill & Polish add £3
+ Repairs per Nail £2.50
+ Removals inc care of cuticles File & Shape £15.00

Nail Art Nail Perfection Price List

+ Starting from £2.50
+ Children's nail art (inc. mini manicure)
starting from
+ File and Polish Including care of cuticles £8.50
All above can include a base layer

Extensions and Nail Art at Nail Perfection by Natalie

Extensions & Nail ArtNail extensions take an average of 60 minutes depending on condition of the nails on initial consultation. Electric files are not used in any part of the nail extension procedure.
Gel extensions will provide you with an instant solution to beautiful, long, natural looking nails. With regular maintenance, you will be on your way to growing your own perfect nails.

Why Gel? NSI balance systems is a revolutionary UV Gel enhancement system, that incorporates the very latest UV technology creating a system that is, versatile, durable, odourless, hypoallergenic and great to wear. It combines a superior, no-lift adhesive UV Gel Foundation, with free-flowing, flexible and self-levelling gels.

Gels create a permanently shiny, transparent, natural looking nail, but without the odour of the airborne dust associated with traditional acrylic. When gels are removed or maintained there is less damage to the natural nail.

You will love the lightweight feel of the gel.

More people are wanting to revert back to having their own natural nails well groomed. Nothing can be more pleasurable than seeing your own nails reach their full potential with a little help from a good product that will not damage them but help to encourage growth to perfect nails.

Hollywood Toes UV Gel enhancements for nails & toes. Create a permanent 'French Look' on toes, mask discoloured nails, prevent splits and strengthen the natural nails. Lasts up to 6 weeks! Full colour gels also available. £20.00, approx 30-45mins

Wedding packages tailor made to your Hen/Bridal Party

*free file and polish one week after your first full set (must be booked on day of treatment)